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Product specification Supersedes data of April 1995 File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC07 1996 Jul 29

FEATURES Interchangeability of drain and source connections High IDSS range Frequency to 450 MHz. APPLICATIONS VHF and UHF amplifiers Mixers General purpose switching. DESCRIPTION General purpose N-channel symmetrical silicon junction field-effect transistors in a plastic TO-92 variant package. CAUTION The device is supplied in an antistatic package. The gate-source input must be protected against static discharge during transport or handling. PINNING PIN


QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL VDS VGSoff IDSS PARAMETER drain-source voltage gate-source cut-off voltage drain current BF246C; BF247C Ptot yfs Crs Tj total power dissipation forward transfer admittance reverse transfer capacitance operating junction temperature up to Tamb = 10 mA; VDS = 1 kHz = 10 mA; VDS = 1 MHz = 10 nA; VDS 15 V VDS 15 V; VGS pF C CONDITIONS - -0.6 MIN. - TYP. MAX. 25 -14.5 UNIT V

LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). SYMBOL VDS IG Ptot Tstg Tj gate current total power dissipation storage temperature operating junction temperature PARAMETER drain-source voltage

THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL Rth j-a PARAMETER thermal resistance from junction to ambient CONDITIONS in free air VALUE 250 UNIT K/W

STATIC CHARACTERISTICS Tamb = 25 C; unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL V(BR)GSS VGSoff VGS PARAMETER gate-source breakdown voltage gate-source cut-off voltage gate-source voltage BF246C; BF247C IDSS drain current BF246C; BF247C IGSS Note 1. Measured under pulse conditions: = 300 s; 0.02. DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Tamb = 25 C; unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL Cis Crs Cos yfs fgfs PARAMETER input capacitance reverse transfer capacitance output capacitance forward transfer admittance cut-off frequency CONDITIONS = 10 mA; = 1 MHz; VDS = 10 mA; = 1 MHz; VDS = 10 mA; = 1 MHz; VDS = 10 mA; = 1 kHz; VDS 15 V gfs 0.7 of its value at 1 kHz; VGS = 0 MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT pF mS MHz gate leakage current VGS -15 V; VDS = 0 VGS = 0; VDS 15 V; note mA nA CONDITIONS = -1 A; VDS = 10 nA; VDS = 200 A; VDS = 15 MIN. TYP. - -14.5 MAX. V UNIT


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