IC and discrete list, page 14-69

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From GRM21BF51E334ZA01L to 15326928

From VJ2220Y334JBCAT4X to C22S-WK3-K11

From C22S-WK3-K20 to C4D0904N-A

From C4D1204N-A to 12010533

From 12015344 to D4G0205N

From 12045816 to C3216X7R1H334M

From C3216X8R1H334K to 12176807

From 12176839 to LLM219R70J334MA01L

From LLM219R70J334MA01L to 12045813

From 12103C394JAT2A to VJ1812Y394JBAAT4X

From VJ1812Y394JBBAT4X to C3216X7R2A474M/SOFT

From 15326904 to 12047767-L

From 12101C474MAT2A to 12066176

From KTD101B474M32A0T00 to CGA4J3X7S2A474K

From CGA4J3X7S2A474K to 0508ZC474MAT2V

From 02973779 to LLA315R71A474MA14L

From LLA315R71A474MA14L to HW4S-3LF02

From 12129600 to 1206YC474KAT2A

From 15305297 to LLL317R71C474MA01L

From 15332133 to 12045575

From ZB4BD3 to C4532X7R2E474K

From C4532X7R2E474K to 07-3153

From KTD251B474M43A0T00 to C2012X7R1E474K

From C2012X7R1E474K to

From 15366022 to 1101M2S3AV2BE2

From 1101M2S3CBE2 to C0816X7S0G474K

From C0816X7S0G474K to VJ2225Y474JBBAT4X

From 6MS1S4M1RE to SA405C474KAC

From SA405C474KAR to AR305C474K4R

From B37984M5474K051 to C1608Y5V1H474Z

From C1608Y5V1H474Z to 1101M2S4AV2BE2

From MA405E474ZAA to A6D-8103

From A6D-9103 to C0816X5R0J474K

From C1005X5R0J474K to S102031MS02Q

From S102031SS03Q to STSSS9121

From 15324981 to 25149NAB

From 25149NAH to GH36Y010001

From GH39P010001 to 15326847

From LD06YC564KAB2A to 06036D564KAT2A

From 18125C564K4T2A to C1608C0G1H0R5B

From SPC21119 to 22201C684KA19A

From SPC21213 to VJ1812Y684KBBAT4X

From 12048412 to GRM155R61A684KE15D

From GRM188R61A684KA61D to GRM219R71C684KC01D

From GRM219R71C684MA01D to 2220PC684MAT1A

From C5750X7R2E684K to 08053C684KAT2A

From 08053C684KAT2A to CLLD11X7S0G684M

From CLLD11X7S0G684M to GRM32NR71H684KA01L

From GRM32NR71H684MA01L to 02984883

From 2DM409 to 311SM6-T

From 311SM605-H4 to 3MN19

From 06031A0R7BAT2A to C1005C0G1HR75C

From C1608C0G1HR75C to 1206ZC824KAT2A

From 12103C824KAT2A to VJ1825Y824KBBAT4X

From 831060C3/BL to 831614C6.0

From 831614C6.BB to 250R05L0R8BV4T

From 831860C1.FL to 8AC9

From 8MA2 to ABV1216619

From 15336084 to 12033872

From BA-2R to BA1RV5435246

From BA2CB708A2 to 12110293

From 12110539 to C0603C123M3RACTU

From C0603C123M5RACTU to 12124634

From BZ-2RL to 2110843-6

From 15418546 to 12124824

From 12129137 to 15326815

From C1812C153J1GACTU to B3F-1150

From B3F-1152 to B3S-1000P

From B3S-1002 to B3W-9000-Y1Y

From 12129414 to FSM2JSMATR

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