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TitleEMI Gaskets, Sheets & Absorbers COOLZORB-600
CompanyLaird Technologies
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TypeAbsorber Sheets & Tiles
Product TypeHybrid Absorber Thermal Management
Length12 in
Width12 in
Thickness0.02 in
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Features, Applications

CoolZorb a 2nd generation hybrid absorber/thermal management material that is used for EMI mitigation. Product is used like a traditional thermal interface material between heat source such an IC and heat sink or other heat transfer device or metal chassis. CoolZorb 600 also functions to suppress unwanted energy coupling, resonances or surface currents causing board level EMI issues.

Designed using silicone gel binder that imparts inherent tack typical of standard thermal gap fillers Filler particle composition imparts both good thermal conductivity and excellent EMI suppression in the microwave frequency range with best attenuation performance at or above 3 GHz. CoolZorb 600 passes UL94V0 requirements Product does not require peel and stick adhesive when used like a traditional thermal interface material

Dual functional properties of thermal conductivity and EMI reduction provide two in one solution for easier design and assembly and lower cost of ownership Improved reliability performance of electronics o Better signal integrity due to reduction of EMI o Consistent performance of electronics due to temperature stability and low outgassing properties of product Improved EMC performance and resultant lower cost to meet compliance requirements Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements including RoHS and REACH

Color Thermal conductivity Density Hardness Tensile strength Temperature Range UL Flammability Volume resistivity Outgassing (TML) Outgassing (CVCM) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) EMI Attenuation @ 5 GHz EMI Attenuation @ 15 GHz Standard Thickness range Thickness Tolerance

Dark gray 3.0W/m-K 4.1 g/cc 60 Shore 00 50 psi x 10 *cm 0.013% 205 m/mC 18.3 dB/cm +/-.005" (+/-.127mm)

Visual ASTM D5470 ASTM D792 ASTM D2240 ASTM NA UL ASTM D257 ASTM E595-07 ASTM IPC-TM-650 2.4.41
CoolZorb 600 Thermal resistance at 100C (ASTM D5470) CoolZorb 600 Percent Deflection (ASTM D575)

Standard sheet size X 12" Thickness availability range (0.5mm- 3.1mm) Common standards for thickness ,.100" and.125" thickness 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.1mm) No charge samples are available X 4" size for each of the above common thicknesses

CoolZorb 600 series absorber sheets (12"X12") use the following designation when ordering: CZ600-XXX where XXX is thickness of absorber in thousands of an inch CoolZorb 600 series no charge absorber samples (4"X4") use the following designation when ordering: CZ600S-XXX where XXX is thickness of absorber in thousands of an inch Example: CZ600-020 = CoolZorb 600,.020"X12"X12" sheet size; Example: CZ600S-040 = CoolZorb 600,.040"X4"X4 no charge sample size

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A17556-080 Specifications: Product: Absorbers ; Type: Absorber Sheets & Tiles ; Product Type: Hybrid Absorber Thermal Management ; Length: 12 in ; Width: 12 in ; Thickness: 0.08 in
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