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DescriptionSingle Module Demodulator And Decoder ic For Digital Video Set-top Boxes<<<>>>the QAMi5516 is an Integrated Demodulator/decoder<<<>>>solution For Digital Cable Receivers For Compressed<<<>>>video, Sound And Data Services. A Qam Demodulator<<<>>>performs if to MPEG-2 Block Processing of QAM<<<>>>carriers. The Demodulated Stream is Then Processed<<<>>>by Video And Audio Decoders Using Standard Omega<<<>>>technology.
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Single module demodulator and decoder IC for digital video set-top boxes

The is an integrated demodulator/decoder solution for digital cable receivers for compressed video, sound and data services. A QAM demodulator performs to MPEG-2 block processing of QAM carriers. The demodulated stream is then processed by video and audio decoders using standard Omega technology. The QAMi5516 contains all of the most commonly used descramblers, and thus allows a single platform to be developed to cover the entire mainstream set-top box market (USA, Europe, Asia)

Application: Highly cost-effective solution for digital cable set-top boxes

Decodes ITU-T J.83-Annexes A/B/C and DVBC bitstreams Integrated high performance ADC Support for 256-point constellation variable symbol Rate from 0.87 MBaud to 11.7 MBaud Robust integrated adaptative equalizer IC serial bus and IC repeater Lock time <100ms 180 MHz 32-bit ST20 CPU

Graphics/display 5 display planes (background, video, still, OSD and cursor) 2, 4 and 8bpp CLUT graphics

PAL/NTSC/SECAM video encoder RGB, CVBS, Y/C and YUV outputs with 10-bit DACs Encoding of CGMS, teletext, WSS, VPS, closed caption Macrovision 7.01 copy protection

Interfaces CableCard and dual DVB common interface 5 ASCs (UARTs) with Tx and Rx FIFOs

8 Kbytes internal SRAM, 8 Kbytes of I-cache and 8 Kbytes of D-cache DES, DVB and ICAM descramblers Support for more than 48 PID slots Fully programmable horizontal and vertical SRCs

x 8-bit banks of parallel I/O 2 smartcard interfaces and clock generators 4 PWM channels Multichannel IR transmitter/receiver Low power/RTC/watchdog controller

Module features Low power consumption (~1500 mW) Package: mm 416 PBGA, 1 mm pitch

Audio features MPEG-1 layers I/II decoding (MP3 option) Dolby Digital 5.1 down-mixed to 2 channels Dolby Pro Logic compatible SRS TruSurround virtual surround sound PCM audio input Integrated audio DACs

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QAMi5516AUA Single Module Demodulator And Decoder ic For Digital Video Set-top Boxes<<<>>>the QAMi5516 is an Integrated Demodulator/decoder<<<>>>solution For Digital Cable Receivers For Compressed<<<>>>video, Sound
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RHRXH162245K01Q Rad Hard Low Volt. CMOS 16-BIT Bus TRANSCEIVER(3-STATE) With 3.6V Tolerant Inputs And Outputs
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M52743BSP : Pre-Amplifiers.

MC44722A : Digital Video Encoders Y/cb/cr Output. The MC44722A and MC44723A are advanced Digital Video Encoders (DVE). They convert ITU-601/656 standard 4:2:2 BitParalellel data into analog composite video, S-Video or analog component signals Y/Cb/Cr in PAL and NTSC formats. They accept the multiplexed two or 16-bit ((CB,Y,CR)Y) signals from digital sources such as MPEG decoders and can act as a sync.

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TLC5602C : Video 8-bit Digital-to-analog Converters. 8-Bit Resolution 0.2% Linearity Maximum Conversion Rate 30 MHz Typ 20 MHz Min Analog Output Voltage Range VDD to VDD 1 V TTL Digital Input Voltage 5-V Single Power-Supply Operation Low Power Consumption. 80 mW Typ Interchangeable With Fujitsu MB40778 The TLC5602x devices are low-power, ultra-high-speed video, digital-to-analog converters that use the LinEPICTM.

TVP5145PFP : ti TVP5145, Ntsc/pal/secam/component Digital Video Decoder With Macrovision(TM) Detection.

LM4960 : Piezoelectric Speaker Driver The LM4960 utilizes a switching regulator to drive a dual audio power amplifier. It delivers 24VP-P mono-BTL to a ceramic speaker with less than 1.0% THD+N while operating on a 3.0V power supply. The LM4960's switching regulator is a current-mode boost converter operating at a fixed frequency of 1.6MHz. Boomer audio power.

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